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Guitar picks

Perhaps no part of playing the guitar is more angst-ridden than choosing a guitar pick. For some reason, people seem to get very upset with these picks. But some people love to use picks. It all boils down to the fact that for some people, picks are comfortable while for others they are not.

Here are common arguments for and against using guitar picks:

• For ? One thing that playing a guitar does to you than non-musicians might not know is that it can truly be hard on your fingers. That’s right. It hurts. Those who play with picks protect their fingers from becoming calloused from strumming on the guitar for hours at a time.

If you want a simple black pick, then it is simple to find this at any music supply store. But, if you want a pick that has your name on one side and the name of your band, along with your logo, on the other side, you can custom order it. Expect to pay a little more if you plan to get one designed just for you.

• Against ? One of the biggest reasons some people do not like to use picks is simply because they do not get the same kind of feel when your finger touches a string. The way a person strums their guitar can have a significant affect on the mood of a song. Some people feel if they are unable to use all of their fingers to stroke the strings, they are not going to be able to convey the sense of emotion through their music.













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